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From AntiWar Radio

Scott Horton Interviews Ray McGovern

Scott Horton, January 14, 2010
Courtesty of The NewInternationalist http://www.newint.org/issue167/keynote.htm

Courtesy of New Internationalist

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA senior analyst, discusses a number of subjects to include: the ignorance of the American people; how American Imperialism is behind acts of terrorism and not that terrorists are “jealous” of our democracy; how journalists no longer report ‘real’ news; the terrorist organization that makes up the state of Israel and how the American Imperialist government is firmly in bed with their terrorist actions; the alteration of true history to suit the elitists; the skewing of “intelligence” reports; the use of the word “homeland” and its Nazi connections; how oil, resources, money, and power rules; and much more.

Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst for 27 years, has published a number of articles in the Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

Those in the know are already familiar with all these themes but it is always interesting to listen to new perspective.

MP3 interview here.

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From Ananova

White House gives out sex line number

redlips_phone1Journalists hoping to interview Hillary Clinton on the G20 summit were surprised when the number they were given turned out to be a phone sex line.

The White House accidentally listed a sex line number for journalists seeking an “on-the-record briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Jim Jones”, reports Fox News.

Journalists who dialled the number heard a soft-voiced female recording, that was clearly not Clinton, asking for a credit card number if you “feel like getting nasty”.

After several efforts to make sure that the phone number was correctly dialled, a call to the White House resulted in a corrected press release.

“If you are having trouble dialling into the call, please try this number as an alternative,” it said, and listed the international line included for reporters abroad to dial.

By this time, the conference call was already under way.

Asked for comment, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton responded: “A corrected phone number on a press release is probably one of the stupider things Fox News has covered lately.”

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On Dec. 15 the Boston Globe revealed that the Bush administration had proposed a regulation requiring that members of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps must coordinate promotions through “politically appointed Pentagon lawyers.” This appears to be an effort to take control of the group that has been actively and loudly opposing the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

The JAG’s are not under civilian control but William “Jim” Haynes, the Pentagon’s General Counsel and a Bush-appointee, has encouraged the idea of civilian control over the military.

Many retired JAG’s were appalled at the notion and and feel the White House policy is illegal.

Today the Boston Globe reports that the Bush administration is no longer pursuing this plan due to the repeated objections and concerns from retired JAG’s.

As some may look upon this as a relief, the chilling reaction of William “Jim” Haynes clearly stands out:

“In light of the feedback that [Haynes] received, he thought that it was wiser to try a different approach,” Geoff Morrell, Pentagon press secretary said.

In these changing times, and they are changing fast, I would not find any comfort in those words. From what I have been reading my bet is that this first approach was the “kinder, gentler” approach and the next will not be so friendly, kind or gentle…

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