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Conscientiousness citizens in San Antonio, Texas have been observing, and videotaping, other residents STEALING items left at a donation station belonging to Medina Children’s Home.

It is shocking, when confronted, that the thieves do not consider their acts of stealing to be theft! They argue that because they may have left something they have a RIGHT to take other goods.

Initially, the videos taken just recorded the acts of the theft, vehicles, and license plates. However, as time went on, and frustration over the frequency of the thefts increased, the thieves were confronted.

Father and son steal donated lawn mower:

Woman walks regularly to the station to “shop”:

These women are regular shoppers, but use different vehicles for each trip:

This woman feels it is her right to steal:

Kudos to thebigdog210 for caring and stepping in!

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Now the military must think people are really, really stupid. I read a few days ago the report that the USAF said that they were now disclosing that they had been flying night maneuvers with a couple of F-16’s when folks in Stephensville, TX saw the 1 mile long, 1/2 mile wide craft above their town. The USAF ‘claims’, weeks later, that the 1 mile long, 1/2 mile wide craft craft was a couple of F-16’s on night maneuvers. Uh-huh…

Well, as many know Stephensville, TX wasn’t the only town or area to have seen the large craft nor was it the only town or area to have reported strange craft or unusual happenings in its skies that night or succeeding nights. ‘Things’ were seen from San Antonio to Dallas/Ft. Worth to San Diego, CA. Will the USAF be stepping up weeks later saying that all of these incidents are USAF-related and that all and any citizens claiming to see UFO’s are delusional? At any rate, looks like 2008 is going to be an interesting year…

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Lou Dobbs is perturbed that the Mexican government is contributing up to $100 million towards advertisements advocating amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants. Pro-advocacy groups say Americans should embrace amnesty as they allowed it and encouraged it in the first place. Lou Dobbs says this is bull and illegal immigration and subsequent amnesty only benefits the elitist.

What do you say and think about this move?

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Vodpod videos no longer available. from http://www.freespeech.org/ourweb posted with vodpod

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Now here’s something you don’t normally see (or maybe it is becoming more normal these days) …

In this video, Hasidic Jews are out protesting in the streets, of some city, against Israel. Their arguments are against what Israel represents now, what it is doing in Palestine and elsewhere, and that their very acts are against the Torah. IMHO a very good video with a message that should be contemplated by all who watch it.

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