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John uploaded some new video last week that you may want to check out. In fact, you may want to check out some of his archive stuff while you are there.


This youtube video shows some great detail, of what, I don’t know, but detail nonetheless:


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More videos from John Lenard Walson who has been getting harassed ever since he started publishing his astounding pictures and videos. If he is getting harassed then there must be something that people don’t want other people to know, don’t you think? If these things didn’t have much significance or weren’t a ‘big deal’ then why is John Lenard Walson getting helicopters over his house and people following him? You can only surmise that John Lenard Walson is on to something and it looks to be something important

So as you view the following videos you have to wonder – what is John Lenard Walson capturing out there in our Earthly atmosphere?

Whatever these things are they look pretty big and they certainly come in different shapes and configurations. Should we be dazzled or repelled?

By the way, in order to get the full effect of the images it is suggested that you view these videos in full screen.

Don’t know if you caught the part where the smaller ‘craft’ maneuvered and settled down on the larger one in the previous video but here is a video showing just that portion:

More videos and another with a moon shot that I can’t find anything in (if anyone sees anything let me know):

Could these be interpreted as angels? Are they good or bad ones? And if they are angels, what does this signify for us??

Maybe these are merely man-made but pretty spectacular satellites… If they are man-made, who made them?? And how did they get them ‘up there’?

Or are these truly alien in nature? And if so, why are they hovering around in our atmosphere and what are they waiting for…??

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comet-moon_800.jpgThis comet is making very little news on mainstream media but it’s one to keep on eye on… On October 24th, 2007 Comet Holmes (17P) went from a little dim thing to a very big bright thing overnight that can be seen with the naked eye. The dramatic change astounded astronomers around the world.

The above picture was taken November 21st and it’s a great comparison showing how the ‘halo’ of the comet is just slightly larger than the moon. The picture is from Sky and Telescope and they are providing regular updates on the comet.

There is also an entry about Comet Holmes at Wikipedia . And believe me, Wikipedia is well worth checking out – there’s a wealth of information about the comet and the pictures posted there are very interesting with many from all over the world.

Performing some searches will bring up articles like Obscure Comet Brightens Suddenly and Hubble Zooms In On Heart Of Mystery Comet — Comet Holmes. If you’re like me you can’t learn enough about a subject…

So get the coordinates, grab your binoculars and head outside. If nothing else it will get you away from the computer and breathing some fresh air!

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