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This is a section of sky from Tianshui, Gansu province videotaped May 12, 2008 approx. 30 minutes prior to the Sichuan earthquake. What is interesting, other than the colorful, glowing formations, is the rapidly moving black drones. The drones can barely be seen – I suggest you continually start and pause the video to try to capture the drones – they are clearly there and moving throughout the sky.

Questions that come to mind:

  1. Is this HAARP-related activity, as some speculate?
  2. What exactly is the drones purpose in all this? Is it the pretty clouds or the earthquake activity? Or is their purpose to keep humans calm in the face of impending calamity?
  3. Is this related to Operation Blue Beam? This could certainly fit into the space show category as specified in part 2…
  4. Sinister thought: Is there a possibility that this area of China requires “clearing out” and elimination of its human population – is their land valuable, e.g. are there valuable deposits of minerals that the rich and powerful desire? If so, continued “earthquakes” and calamities in this region may increase or become the norm.

Well, so…

What do you think?

What are the “pretty clouds” doing there just prior to the earthquake? What are the drones doing? What is their purpose?

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spectrum-of-colorsWhat are your thoughts about Operation Blue Beam?

It is said that the first step is a breakdown of all that people know by destroying religious faith…

The second step is a simultaneous “space show”…

The third step is “God” talks to us in our own language…

And the fourth step is a large-scale alien invasion of a created nature…

There is certainly technology in place now that can accomplish some of these tasks…

Today, especially because of 9/11, Christians are being told that Muslims are misdirected and so hate is brewing between both faiths and that is certainly a breakdown. It can have far-reaching effects in destroying religious faith as the Christians and Muslims make up 33% and 21%, respectively, of the world’s population.

Holography and imaging are not unimaginable – look what has been accomplished with Google Earth. So, perhaps, a large scale “space show” is plausible.

“God” can talk to us via DARPA’s Sound Projector so step 3 exists and is actively used – in Times Square and in Iraq.

A UFO invasion may not be of a man-made nature, especially since there have been repeated and frequent sightings of unidentified aircraft around the world.

Websites offering information pro and con Operation Blue Beam:

Operation Blue Beam – Details Exposed

Operation Blue Beam – Details Exposed (these could be duplicates of one another)

The Greatest Hoax

Operation Blue Beam (an evaluation)

Project Blue Beam

Blue Beam Project

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