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Hal Harrison, 55, said it was like “something from Nazi Germany” when Oklahoma City police officers confiscated his anti-abortion sign then called the Secret Service.

Harrison, who claims he is no fan of Obama’s, was carrying a sign that read, “Abort Obama not the unborn” in support of the anti-abortion movement. Oklahoma officers did not see it that way and they pulled him over and confiscated the sign for “evidence.” One police officer stated to Harrison that the sign was seen as a threat against President Obama.

Harrison contacted his attorney as he had great concern on where the situation was going over a simple anti-abortion sign. The Secret Service visited Harrison at his home and determined that he was not a threat.

Harrison is deeply involved in the anti-abortion campaign because of his special needs daughter. It had been recommended that she be aborted because his wife was having pregnancy difficulties.

Harrison states he has had the sign in his truck for a few months and does not understand why it is an issue now. “For that vehicle to slow down and get behind me, I felt like (it was) a personal or maybe even a political issue. I didn’t feel like it was justified,” Harrison said.


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