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Hal Harrison, 55, said it was like “something from Nazi Germany” when Oklahoma City police officers confiscated his anti-abortion sign then called the Secret Service.

Harrison, who claims he is no fan of Obama’s, was carrying a sign that read, “Abort Obama not the unborn” in support of the anti-abortion movement. Oklahoma officers did not see it that way and they pulled him over and confiscated the sign for “evidence.” One police officer stated to Harrison that the sign was seen as a threat against President Obama.

Harrison contacted his attorney as he had great concern on where the situation was going over a simple anti-abortion sign. The Secret Service visited Harrison at his home and determined that he was not a threat.

Harrison is deeply involved in the anti-abortion campaign because of his special needs daughter. It had been recommended that she be aborted because his wife was having pregnancy difficulties.

Harrison states he has had the sign in his truck for a few months and does not understand why it is an issue now. “For that vehicle to slow down and get behind me, I felt like (it was) a personal or maybe even a political issue. I didn’t feel like it was justified,” Harrison said.

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1. Google launches Latitude: For a fee, Google provides an exciting software program for your cellphone that allows you to track your friends and enemies everywhere they go. Soon you can zero in on them in the street and they will be able to wave at you. Latitude is not for those who wish to remain anonymous.

2. MySpace has removed the webpages of 90, 000 convicted sex offenders. It’s pretty much a dead give-away when you’re over thirty and all your MySpace friends are under the age of fifteen.

3. President Obama set a $500,000 annual cap on salaries for top executives at companies that receive taxpayer funding. This has made most of the general populace quite happy. I, mean, come on, it’s like handing a begging street bum a dollar and then having him turn around and drive away in a brand new Mercedes.

4. Both aircraft engines for Flight 1549 had bird remains. Ta da! The pilot did an outstanding job of landing the plane in the Hudson River, the people were all saved and the birds that did it have been apprehended, sort of. All’s well that end’s well…

5. Michael Phelps, champion Olympic swimmer, may face criminal charges based on a photograph showing him doing a bong of marijuana. A South Carolina law enforcement official will charge Phelps if he can find evidence that the marijuana was smoked in his county. It appears that this law enforcement official is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Sir, leave Phelps alone – he understands now that he lives in a fishbowl. And he didn’t smoke the marijuana in your county it was in another one, I think it was in North Carolina or Georgia.

6. Hacked electronic road signs worrying officials. The signs they are a changing and they have been changing in Texas, Indiana and Illinois… Electronic road signs have been broken into and messages warning people about raptors and zombies have replaced those about road hazards. Officials are not finding this amusing but the public is relieved that someone is finally acknowledging the strange beings and creatures that have been lurking in those areas.  I think the officials need to lighten up and be happy that someone is looking out for everyone’s best interest. Hey, and watch out for zombies north of Richmond, VA on I-95..!

7. Times are tough when a front page news item in a major publication states that a company plans to hire 65 people. I hope they don’t get flooded with a billion applications especially since all you need is a HS diploma.

8. And people are scared of snakes now..! How about one that is 43 feet long, 3 feet wide, weighing about 2500 lbs. that munched crocodiles for snacks. The titanoboa lived about 60 million years and it crushed its prey like the boa constrictor of today. brrrr There isn’t anything funny I can say about this character.

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October 22nd, 2008
Posted: 05:16 PM ET

(CNN) — Rudy Giuliani is the star of a new robocall from the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee that seeks to portray Barack Obama as soft on crime.

In the new call, to be blasted to voters in several swing states, the former federal prosecutor and New York City mayor says that “Obama opposes mandatory prison sentences for sex offenders, drug dealers, and murderers.”

The Obama campaign did not have an immediate comment, but according to its Web site, the Illinois senator supports “reforming mandatory minimum prison sentences,” a position it says is in line with “every leading expert body in criminal justice.”

Let me get this straight… This moron, who dresses in drag, is slinging mud and calling others “soft” on sex offenders? Isn’t this the same character who acts like he single handedly saved NYC during 9/11?  Not that I necessarily favor Obama but I wouldn’t be concerned about anything this idiot says… What an ass…

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Here come the 2008 DNC and RNC so I get to thinking about different things that surround them both…

Why do I always read stories that the police have to prepare for riots and unruly citizens when it comes to the political conventions? Recent case in point is this story from Denver where a large warehouse has been turned into a secured holding facility. This was done because the city feels there could be mass arrests arising from the Democratic National Convention. Review videos and pictures available on the web (check YouTube and use search words like dnc, cops) and see why “could be” will become fact.

From past stories most of the problems arise with the police not the attendees at the conventions. Case in point is the 2004 RNC in which police doctored video of those being arrested and more than 90% of those cases ended up being thrown out of court. Tsk-tsk, don’t the police understand that tampering with evidence is a crime? What have our police become…?

With the Democratic National Convention scheduled for August 25-28 in Denver, CO and the Republican National Convention scheduled for September 1-4 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN I wonder what videos and pictures we will see of police harassment and abuse coming out of those gatherings? If you attend either of these conventions keep your eyes open and your camera lens clean. The cops will, inevitably, be out in their military-style gear looking for problems – to stir them up or create them.

And if this doesn’t stir you up at all you should read the article Obama Doesn’t Sweat. He should. by Greg Palast. For years now Greg Palast has been saying that the Republicans will win the 2008 election year – no matter who is riding the ticket. He has written about it in his book Armed Madhouse (a good read btw) and in articles on his website. States have been gearing up to help the Republican candidate win with an estimated one million vote headstart. Look to have McCain as your next President whether you voted for him or not.


As we should have learned in 2000 and again in 2004 voting in this country no longer matters or should I say that your vote does not matter. That may hurt and you may not want to hear it but do some reading and you will find out the truth; the votes are fixed. Bush never gained office by your vote in either election year; 2008 will be no different. If people don’t get off the duffs, start waking up and fight to get this country back we will soon lose it all. We have already had many of our constitutional rights and privileges taken away and it will continue under McCain.

So if you haven’t been paying attention watch what occurs during the DNC and RNC. Read between the lines. Watch how the media markets only certain stories to you and they play them over and over again. The media markets what they are told to market – the war on terror (a bunch of baloney), the housing and mortgage crisis, and other such stories. They draw your attention away from the fact that the government is slowly taking over the country from its own citizens.

So as we roll into September I’ll be looking forward to seeing those photos and videos from vigilant citizens on what really goes on at these conventions. You know, the stuff mainstream media won’t really be reporting on… Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of that stuff on my site and help in getting the information and message out to any and all that will listen. Listen that is to the fact that “we the people” barely exists anymore and corruption and lies run amok and rule. This country has been sold to the highest bidder and justice is truly blind.

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