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From Flight Global

Video: Miami Police plans urban test of Honeywell’s micro-UAV


Police in Miami, Florida want to find out whether a small unmanned air vehicle able to hover and stare can help law enforcement in urban areas.

To that end, Miami-Dade Police Department plans a four- to six-month evaluation of Honeywell’s ducted-fan Micro Air Vehicle (MAV).

The gasoline-powered gMAV has just received an experimental airworthiness certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration, clearing the way for the ground-breaking experiment. Approval was granted following a demonstration flight for the FAA at a remote site in Laguna, New Mexico.

The wingless gMAV can take off and land vertically, transition to high-speed flight and hover and stare using electro-optical/infrared sensors. Miami-Dade is buying one gMAV and leasing a second for the FAA-sanctioned technology demonstration, says Vaughn Fulton, Honeywell’s small UAS programme manager.

The police department will operate the UAVs, and helicopter pilots from its aviation unit have been trained to fly the gMAV. “The demonstration will be in urban terrain, involving real tactical operations,” he says.

The 8.2kg (18lb) gMAV is Honeywell’s second version of the man-portable UAV. Compared with the original tMAV developed for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the gMAV has a larger outside diameter housing twice the fuel and providing an endurance exceeding 55min at sea level.

Military gMAVs have been used in Iraq to detect improvised explosive devices. The basic UAV has fixed sensors and Honeywell is developing a follow-on version with gimballed payload. The company is also working on diesel-powered dMAV, which it expects to fly in 2008. Another version is in development for the US Army’s Future Combat Systems programme.

Honeywell has begun low-rate initial production of MAVs on a new line in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sized to manufacture up to 100 vehicles a month. “We expect several large contracts in 2008,” says Fulton.


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 This is what we can expect more and more!

From the video posters site:

Always ask… “WHY AM I BEING STOPPED OFFICER?” “AM I BEING DETAINED?” “AM I FREE TO GO?” Those are the only things you should say to these LAWBREAKERS. NOTHING MORE!

On January 20, 2008, I was seized for a third time at a Southern Arizona internal suspicionless homeland security checkpoint.

This checkpoint has been in operation for at least two weeks at a location over 40 miles North of the Southern border along SR86 in Southern Arizona.

On the afternoon of February 1, 2008, I was stopped yet again at a suspicionless internal Homeland Security checkpoint on SR86 in Southern Arizona near mile post 146. The location is over 40 miles North of the border.

This was the fifth time in three weeks I’ve been stopped & seized at this checkpoint absent reasonable suspicion. Normally, there are only three or four agents present with two patrol vehicles parked nearby. This time the scenario were dramatically different.

The 4th amendment was specifically created to protect us against this type of arbitrary enforcement activity by over-reaching federal agencies. It would seem however that the ‘writ of assistance’ is alive and well in modern day America and everyone is now considered a suspect.

Far from increasing the security of the country, these checkpoints serve as little more than obedience training for the burgeoning American police state.

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In another disguised move of needing a device for “law enforcement”, DHS (Department of Habitual Screw-ups) awarded an $800,000 contract to Intelligent Optical Systems (IOS) to create a “high-powered flashlight” that will blind the target and overload the brain by emitting rapidly flashing led lights at different colors and frequencies. In addition to feeling confused and disoriented, the ‘target’ will likely get a headache and feel sick to his/her stomach.

Of course, DHS feels that this is a great innovation (and so does IOS as they are getting paid $800K) that is basically harmless but very effective in getting the job done (the task of herding resisting Americans into Halliburton camps).

A DHS spokesperson, David Throckmorton, raved about this new product:

“It really doesn’t do any damage to you (so let them do it to YOU first). For them (merc soldiers), it would be to stop a terrorist (American citizen who believes that the Constitution and democracy still exists) –or whoever (regular American citizen) –from advancing (running away)…or somebody who’s out of line on an airplane (like frightened, scared, freaked out American citizens when they realize that they can’t escape) –would be able to stop them from moving forward (running away).”

DHS is hoping to have these little babies on the street in the hands of “law enforcement” types by 2010. By then, any acts of depravity or misconduct being performed by law enforcement will be hidden away from public eye. It will then make using the devices to round up citizens, in as cruel of a manner as they want without pesky citizen intervention, a breeze.

Breyer aspirin for the headaches and a bucket for the puke will not be available. Change of clothing will be standard for all ‘terrorists’ and ‘whoevers’ caught.

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Just what we need – protection of law enforcement personnel when they break the law. Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. This will certainly help Blackwater and other merc armies tremendously when they mercilessly go about enforcing martial law….

New Bill To Allow Police Misconduct Be Hidden From Public

Written by: Jonny Glines
Email: jglines@kutv2.com
Last Update: 2/12 10:50 pm

A new bill proposed at the legislature would allow for police to withhold misconduct reports from the public. Supporters of the bill believe that police misconduct should be kept secret from the public so to not discredit police testimony. Others say that a forthright police unit is essential to the community.

In September, Jared Massey was zapped with a taser by Trooper John Gardner. A video of the incident was recorded from Gardner’s patrol car. Gardner can be seen shocking Massey until he hits the ground while Massey’s wife screams from the side of their SUV.

More than a million people watched the video on “YouTube.” Massey was shocked to see his new found fame. The footage may have never been seen had Massey not made a records request to obtain the tape.

Currently, misconduct reports are available in Utah with an official records request. Under the bill SB260, sponsored by Senator Chris Buttars, the video and investigation report from Massey’s tazering might have been kept secret from the public and journalists.

The bill is certainly said to be controversial. But controversy is not new to Buttars.

In the past, Buttars has received much criticism for being the topic in heated controversial issues involving homosexuality, racism and the challenging of evolution in schools.

Now, with SB260, some believe that Buttars would be allowing for hidden misconduct from those who are expected to live the highest of society’s standards.

Representative David Litvak says “I think what’s critical with law enforcement is public trust. If it appears that things are swept under the rug or not done in the light of the public; you can comprise that trust.”

But, Buttars says that the bill would only include non-criminal reports to be withheld from the public and that currently, non-criminal reports can be used in court to discredit police testimony.

A main concern of SB260 supporters is with the business “rate-my-cop,” which is a national company that has made requests for misconduct reports on every officer in every agency in the area. Buttars believes that “rate-my-cop” will put the information into a data base and sell it to defense attorneys.

“Some defense attorney can say, ‘did you do x-y-z,’ and you (the officer) would have to say yes, even though it was dismissed and not founded,” says Buttars.

It appears that like past issues; SB260 will be an item in which Buttars will have people in his support…and against him.

Video link

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 logo.gifInfragard, a group serving the interests of itself, the elitist (the private sector), DHS, and the FBI, has caught the attention of the not-so-mainstream media. The group of 23,000+ members spanning a variety of business sectors, academic institutions and law enforcement agencies is working with the FBI in sharing information in the (made-up) ‘war-on terror’ and the ‘hostile acts against America’ that we have heard so much about under the Bush regime.

From Infragard’s website:

The goal of InfraGard is to promote ongoing dialogue and timely communication between members and the FBI. InfraGard members gain access to information that enables them to protect their assets and in turn give information to government that facilitates its responsibilities to prevent and address terrorism and other crimes.

Infragard members pass along information to the FBI that they deem may be harmful – how far can this go? Can conversations in the workplace be misconstrued and cause serious problems for innocent parties because of an Infragard ‘plant’??

Further, Infragard members have been given authority to shoot-to-kill in instances such as martial law as stated in this article. Does this make you feel secure knowing that an individual that has not declared themselves as a true security person could be carrying a weapon AND be spying on you?

Why haven’t we been told more about Infragard, its members and its intentions? What is the real intention behind Infragard? Why aren’t Infragard members making themselves known to their coworkers?

Do you know who is an Infragard member in your business? Do you think that you should know? WHY ALL THE SECRECY????

A good, recently published, more in-depth article on Infragard here.

2/10/08 ADDED SIDE NOTE: Let us not forget our fellow American whistleblower citizen SIBEL EDMONDS who has been ‘gagged’ and deceived by the FBI for telling the truth.  Read her story here and at many other places throughout the web.

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