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Facebook UnlikeSo many people ask me to “like” them on Facebook. When I am asked this I cringe… I just “don’t do Facebook.”

I know many feel it’s a great social platform and they use it to communicate their businesses and social networking causes… After all, statistics show that Facebook is the largest online social networking site.

I used to use Facebook, at least for a couple of years, but I bailed out, haven’t looked back and I really don’t regret it.

The reason why I don’t like Facebook (and subsequently dumped it) was due to a multitude of reasons…

One: People, close to you, get carried away, there’s too much drama and color. They tell everything – what they ate, what their kid did in the toilet, where they are going, they engage in colorful online disagreements, etc. I really don’t care to know what they are doing all the time or want to be part of the negativity in their lives. I know some people love that stuff – I don’t.

Two: I enjoyed, initially, hooking up with people that I hadn’t seen in ages, like people from high school; it was kinda cool. Then, I started to realize after a time, I really wasn’t friends with them in school – I didn’t really know them then and I don’t really know them now – it was all so false. Seemed people were grappling for NUMBERS – how many people followed them. So, I guess, the second thing I didn’t like was all the falseness and there seemed an abundance of it – from everyone!

Three: I began to realize how much PERSONAL information was being pumped into Facebook and I read stories and articles about how government agencies (and other undesirables) were using Facebook as a data mining site. That didn’t sit well with me and I certainly didn’t want to be part of the party. That actually sealed my decision to abort…

But, maybe it was also due to age…

I’m not afraid to admit it!small facesmall face

Some more Facebook statistics shows that the average Facebook user is between the ages of 35-44 years of age and I left 44 in the dust some time ago…

Anyways, nowadays, when I tell people I “don’t do Facebook” it’s like a social faux pas…

People act shocked or dismayed; they plead with me to reconsider; they delete me on other social platforms. Over Facebook! Get REAL!!

I’ve lost friends, both virtual and real, because I “don’t do Facebook.” I find that totally unbelievable…

But I really don’t care. I don’t like Facebook and even though I politely tell them so, they don’t know how to graciously accept it.

So I ask, as apparently I do not know how…

How does one politely tell someone that you “don’t do Facebook“?

And, even more so, how does one do so, so that the other person does not go off in a huff, personally offended as it is, just because you don’t?

It’s a mystery to me but, obviously, people take their Facebook very seriously…

Seductive Facebook


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I love to hear about happy endings…!


From Ananova

Facebook reunited kidnapped son with mum

Social networking site Facebook has reunited a kidnapped son with his Mum, 27 years after he disappeared.

Avril Grube, 62, was awarded custody or her son Gavin Paros when she split with his Hungarian father in 1982. Mr Paros was given visiting rights to his son, but one afternoon he took Gavin out for the day and never returned.

Avril and her sister Beryl Wilson, 59, never gave up the search for Gavin. They made contact with the Hungarian embassy and even took the plight to the then Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher.

Ms Wilson told the BBC: “He said he was going to the zoo or somewhere and when he didn’t arrive back we found out he had taken him to Hungary.

“My sister was devastated, her health suffered. We tried everything, but no-one wanted to know.”

It wasn’t until March this year that Ms Wilson tried using the web to track him down. She entered his name into a search engine which took her straight to his Facebook profile. It shown he was born in Liverpool and his mother’s name was mentioned on his profile.

Ms Grube was said to be “on cloud nine” when told her sister had tracked her son down and they met in person for the first time this week.

“My sister would phone him on a Sunday and speak to him through an interpreter. She is just on cloud nine. They have been hugging, really, really happy.”

Plasterer Gavin, who celebrates his 30th birthday this Sunday, is married with three kids and said he’d spent the last five years trying to trace his mother.

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