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The International Gymnastic Federation (FIG) is satisfied that the Chinese womens gymnastics team that competed in Bejing this year meets the age requirement for competition. Olympic gymnasts must have their 16th birthday during the competition year in order to compete.

However, FIG still continues its investigations into the Chinese Olympic team that competed in Sydney 2000. Two of the Sydney gymnasts, Dong Fangxiao and Yang Yun, apparently were only 14 in 2000 and one of the girls even revealed her age in her online blog.

During the Bejing Olympics, claims were made, specifically against He Kexin (shown in picture with gold medal), that she was only 14 when she won gold in both team and individual uneven bars events. This caused the FIG to request proof of age from Chinese officials.

Though the FIG may be satisfied that the credentials provided were satisfactory China is well known for deceit and I, for one, am skeptical. There are many instances of China’s blatant deceit and several pop up in this years Olympic events…

Remember the little singer who sang the Chinese national anthem but sang it unseen? The real singer was considered “not cute enough” by government officials so a stand-in was found and the cute stand-in lip-synched the song. The Chinese government planned on covering up the switch until it was revealed by the musical director as he felt the need “to come out with the truth.”

Also what about the fireworks and the computer simulated ones at that? Or did you forget?

China wanted very badly to be recognized as a leader in the Olympics event (a world leader, in reality, look at what is going on with the space program now) and it worked overtime to ensure that its events were carried off near flawlessly. China wanted the world watchers of the Olympics to oh and ah on how wonderful and fantastic China was and is.

I wonder, though, if they have left people with the lasting impression that they wanted to…

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