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Facebook UnlikeSo many people ask me to “like” them on Facebook. When I am asked this I cringe… I just “don’t do Facebook.”

I know many feel it’s a great social platform and they use it to communicate their businesses and social networking causes… After all, statistics show that Facebook is the largest online social networking site.

I used to use Facebook, at least for a couple of years, but I bailed out, haven’t looked back and I really don’t regret it.

The reason why I don’t like Facebook (and subsequently dumped it) was due to a multitude of reasons…

One: People, close to you, get carried away, there’s too much drama and color. They tell everything – what they ate, what their kid did in the toilet, where they are going, they engage in colorful online disagreements, etc. I really don’t care to know what they are doing all the time or want to be part of the negativity in their lives. I know some people love that stuff – I don’t.

Two: I enjoyed, initially, hooking up with people that I hadn’t seen in ages, like people from high school; it was kinda cool. Then, I started to realize after a time, I really wasn’t friends with them in school – I didn’t really know them then and I don’t really know them now – it was all so false. Seemed people were grappling for NUMBERS – how many people followed them. So, I guess, the second thing I didn’t like was all the falseness and there seemed an abundance of it – from everyone!

Three: I began to realize how much PERSONAL information was being pumped into Facebook and I read stories and articles about how government agencies (and other undesirables) were using Facebook as a data mining site. That didn’t sit well with me and I certainly didn’t want to be part of the party. That actually sealed my decision to abort…

But, maybe it was also due to age…

I’m not afraid to admit it!small facesmall face

Some more Facebook statistics shows that the average Facebook user is between the ages of 35-44 years of age and I left 44 in the dust some time ago…

Anyways, nowadays, when I tell people I “don’t do Facebook” it’s like a social faux pas…

People act shocked or dismayed; they plead with me to reconsider; they delete me on other social platforms. Over Facebook! Get REAL!!

I’ve lost friends, both virtual and real, because I “don’t do Facebook.” I find that totally unbelievable…

But I really don’t care. I don’t like Facebook and even though I politely tell them so, they don’t know how to graciously accept it.

So I ask, as apparently I do not know how…

How does one politely tell someone that you “don’t do Facebook“?

And, even more so, how does one do so, so that the other person does not go off in a huff, personally offended as it is, just because you don’t?

It’s a mystery to me but, obviously, people take their Facebook very seriously…

Seductive Facebook

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I find I like being unemployed… At least right now.

I can do things I haven’t been able to do in, like, forever.

Like read. And I enjoy reading. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy – I read a lot and have a lot of books.

I can lost in reading. Hours go by. I can get comfortable in my bed or on the couch with a book, read for a while, take a nap, and then read some more… It’s like heaven!

The other thing I REALLY like is that there’s no rushing around. No where to be. When I was working I was ALWAYS rushing around.

Up by the clock, out by the clock, everything by a clock. Now I forget there’s a clock. I often forget what day it is! I really like that too.

And I can watch movies or shows on my streaming device for hours or spend time just hanging out with my pets. It’s my time, for a change, and it’s really cool!

It can’t last forever – I do search for job positions regularly during the week and, at some point, something will coalesce and then I’ll be back rushing around, living life by the clock again…

But, in the meantime, I’m just enjoying being unemployed, kicking back, chilling, getting some “me” time…

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pcwscreensavI often sit on my back porch, weather permitting, and watch the overhead night sky.

What I look for, in particular, are these rapidly moving lights that look like stars, but are not stars and are not planes and are not satellites. I call them flying stars.

I know they are not planes because planes have distinctive lights and do not fly that high.

I know they are not satellites because I use a satellite map and satellites are never in the area that I see these flying stars.

And I know they are not stars because, well, stars don’t really fly.

Unfortunately, I don’t see them all the time.

Some nights I might see one or other nights, a few. Many nights, none at all.

Sometimes they are really faint and other times they are quite bright.

Regardless, they fascinate me because I believe they are not of this world.

They move too fast and are too high up in the atmosphere.

If they are terrestrial-based then there are quite a few secrets being kept from us.

Their paths are never quite straight though they tend to go from east to west or north to south.

Sometimes they just stop… And then suddenly, start moving again.

I find them totally fascinating and practically break my neck watching them.

And I wonder what they really are…

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From AntiWar Radio

Scott Horton Interviews Ray McGovern

Scott Horton, January 14, 2010
Courtesty of The NewInternationalist http://www.newint.org/issue167/keynote.htm

Courtesy of New Internationalist

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA senior analyst, discusses a number of subjects to include: the ignorance of the American people; how American Imperialism is behind acts of terrorism and not that terrorists are “jealous” of our democracy; how journalists no longer report ‘real’ news; the terrorist organization that makes up the state of Israel and how the American Imperialist government is firmly in bed with their terrorist actions; the alteration of true history to suit the elitists; the skewing of “intelligence” reports; the use of the word “homeland” and its Nazi connections; how oil, resources, money, and power rules; and much more.

Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst for 27 years, has published a number of articles in the Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

Those in the know are already familiar with all these themes but it is always interesting to listen to new perspective.

MP3 interview here.

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Did you know that economists were using women’s fashion – outfits and make-up – to gauge the state of the economy?! And you thought these MBA-laden gurus pored over a zillion Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and spent many a long night in heavy debates in boardrooms! HA!

According to an article published in Australia, some economists have faith in the Skirt Length Theory and the Leading Lipstick Indicator as sound market indicators, as both tend to demonstrate the state of the economy. Who would have thunk it??

The Skirt Length Theory, as explained by Investopedia.com, is easy to understand: if skirts are short, the market is is going up; if they are long, the market is going down.

The same site explains the Leading Lipstick Indicator as a theory where consumers turn to “less expensive indulgences, such as lipstick, when she (or he) feels less than confident about the future. Therefore, lipstick sales tend to increase during times of economic uncertainty or a recession.” Supposedly, after the attacks of 9/11 sales of lipstick products doubled.

Another economic indicator is the Hot Waitress Economic Indicator.  Typically, it is propositioned, in a strong economy attractive people hold better paying jobs so are less likely to be found working in lower paying positions. However, in a weak economy, they are forced to look for other work and, thus, are found in lower paying positions such as waitressing.

But don’t feel left out of the economic equation, men! There is actually an economic fashion trend on the male side…

Behold – the Men’s Underwear Index!

Men, unlike women, view underwear as a necessity so sales on male underwear is typically steady and dependable. However, in bad economic times, sales for men’s underwear drops considerably and only picks up again when the economy improves.

Let us hope that 2010 brings shorter hemlines, pale, natural lips, ugly waitresses, and men with drawers of new underwear!

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I love to hear about happy endings…!


From Ananova

Facebook reunited kidnapped son with mum

Social networking site Facebook has reunited a kidnapped son with his Mum, 27 years after he disappeared.

Avril Grube, 62, was awarded custody or her son Gavin Paros when she split with his Hungarian father in 1982. Mr Paros was given visiting rights to his son, but one afternoon he took Gavin out for the day and never returned.

Avril and her sister Beryl Wilson, 59, never gave up the search for Gavin. They made contact with the Hungarian embassy and even took the plight to the then Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher.

Ms Wilson told the BBC: “He said he was going to the zoo or somewhere and when he didn’t arrive back we found out he had taken him to Hungary.

“My sister was devastated, her health suffered. We tried everything, but no-one wanted to know.”

It wasn’t until March this year that Ms Wilson tried using the web to track him down. She entered his name into a search engine which took her straight to his Facebook profile. It shown he was born in Liverpool and his mother’s name was mentioned on his profile.

Ms Grube was said to be “on cloud nine” when told her sister had tracked her son down and they met in person for the first time this week.

“My sister would phone him on a Sunday and speak to him through an interpreter. She is just on cloud nine. They have been hugging, really, really happy.”

Plasterer Gavin, who celebrates his 30th birthday this Sunday, is married with three kids and said he’d spent the last five years trying to trace his mother.

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jeezz I could be fired from my job any day now…

From Fox31/KDVR.com

(Interview video available at news website)

By Kristina Lee FOX 5 San Diego Staff

May 21, 2009

SAN DIEGO – A woman who was fired because she refuses to wear makeup on the job is looking at her legal options.

Shenoa Vild worked for Trophy’s restaurant in Mission Valley for five years until she was fired last month. She says the reason, she would get dolled up.

“It was a shock! The even bigger shock, was when I found out, it was within his legal rights to do so.”

Vild, 27, has never “put a face on.”

“I have never worn makeup in my life. I just don’t like it,” Vild said. “When (the boss) told me I need to dress like I am going out with the man of my dreams, that did it for me.”

Several years ago, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is not discriminatory for employers to require women wear makeup.

“Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right,” Vild said.

Vild said it was alright for her to work at Trophy’s for five years, but she’s convinced that she was terminated because of her refusal to wear makeup. She said this isn’t the first time her former boss has fired someone for not putting on makeup.

Attorney Richard Wirtz said it is up to the jury to decide whether Vild has a case.

“She should go through the facts of her case. In every discrimination case, it’s always facts intensive.” Wirtz said.

FOX 5 spoke with Trophy’s owner Mark Oliver over the phone, but he declined to comment on the case, saying he wasn’t at liberty to talk about why Vild is not longer with the company.

Vild says she wants to get the word out to other employers.

“The real irony in the story is Mark Oliver has called his restaurant the ‘all-American grill,’ and not all of America wears makeup. Not all America looks like they should be on the cover of a Vogue magazine, there’s more to it,” Vild said.

In the meantime, Vild just got a new job bartending, where she says, no makeup is needed.

“I lucked out.” Vild says.

Copyright © 2009, KSWB-TV

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confessionHave something you need to get off your conscience? There are plenty of websites where you can anonymously post information, and in some cases receive hugs, with the goal of reducing your stress, relieving your conscience, and obtaining absolution from your peers. Here’s a few sites to check out and find out which is best for your confession platform:

Group Hug

Anonymous Confession

Anonymous Confessions


Experience Project: Confessions

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statisticsI am currently taking a graduate level statistics course – not by choice, mind you… It is frustrating and quite confusing at times. I have several more weeks to go before the class is over and the pressure is on. Not only do we have to attain a passing grade, but it must be a B or above or we have to retake it. So, needless to say, I’ve been buried in my books trying to absorb information, digits, and formulas. And we have to learn this because…?


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Pulling Hair OutI’m having one of those days…

  • If one more person cuts me off on the road I’m gonna…

  • If the temperature goes up one more degree I’m gonna…

  • If my kids want one more thing I’m gonna…

  • If I can’t get this statistic problem done correctly for the fifteenth billionth time I’m gonna…

  • If my dog takes a pee in the house before I can let her out I’m gonna…

  • If I have to pick up one more piece of trash in my yard that blows over from the neighbors I’m gonna…

So just leave me alone, if you can please, and let the day complete itself.

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