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A Few People Showed Up In Austin

Posted by Thomas Woods at February 25, 2008 09:36 AM




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It’s ironic to read that a U.S. spy satellite, US 193, that has been bobbing around in an uncontrolled fashion in outer space for just over a year after it’s initial launch failed is now making it’s way into Earth’s atmosphere and is expected to most likely hit somewhere within the United States itself by the end of February, beginning of March, 2008.

The 13-16.5 foot, 20,000 lb. ball of toxic fuel, described as being only the size of a small bus, is expected to create a small crater and hopes are that it will break up and burn during its 30 minute passage through the atmosphere. There has been some talk of shooting it down with a missile or two but some government officials feel that it is too soon to speculate such discussions.


Let’s not forget that in September 2007 the U.S. shot down one of it’s own spy satellites (though it never fessed up to the incident) and the thing (they were calling it a meteorite but anyone smarter than dead plant life knows what it really was…) landed in Peru. The U.S. spy satellite (probably about the size of a small bus) created a 30 foot crater and sickened more than 200 residents in the area because of the toxic fumes and chemicals spewing from the crater and satellite remains.

Once the satellite hits a certain part of the atmosphere it will land lickety-split – supposedly when it gets to 59 miles above the Earth’s surface it will meet Terra Firma within 30 minutes. As stated earlier, hopes are – it burns up. Expectations are – it probably won’t.

Can the U.S. government be expected to do anything to stop this? Answer: Come on! They are probably aiming it at a high populace area! Maybe even at an area where a 30 foot crater would be considered an improvement! 🙂

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morgellonsusa431.jpgMorgellons, also known as Morgellons Syndrome and Morgellons Disease, is a skin affliction which causes its victims painful crawling, itching and biting sensations also accompanied by lesions which tend to produce fibrous or filament-like threads. The threads are usually white but can be blue, black or red. There have also been reports of black granule objects, similar to pepper, which emerge from skin lesions or just from the skin itself.

Morgellon sufferers, children and adults alike, have had a difficult time in getting proper and adequate medical treatment as doctors really do not know what they are suffering from and most pass it off as delusional or mental problems. Therefore many sufferers are classified as delusional parasitosis and shuffled off to psychologists and psychiatrists instead of receiving care for their wounds and obtaining explanations for the fibers.

In 2002 biologist Mary Leitao’s two year son developed lesions around his mouth and when she examined them she discovered “bundles of fibers.” After unsuccessful doctor visits she named the disorder “Morgellons” based on comments made by Sir Thomas Browne in 1690 in which he discussed a medical disorder he called morgellons. Sir Thomas Browne’s morgellons involved children in Languedoc where harsh hairs where breaking out on the children’s backs.

Some websites say that it is the plague from the Bible as revealed in Revelation:

Revelation 16:2 So the first angel went and poured his bowl on the earth; and foul malignant sores appeared on those men that wore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.

Others think that Morgellons is a consequence of chemtrails as the highest incidence of sufferers are located in areas where the highest chemtrail activity occurs.

Morgellons has been loosely linked to Lyme disease and aliens.

On Jan 16th 2008, the Canadian Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that they would be looking into the situation as tens of thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe all claim to be Morgellons sufferers. The U.S. CDC has been investigating Morgellons since 2003 and background information on their findings can be followed up here.


Whatever Morgellons is it appears to be very devastating to its victims and sufferers and their lesions and wounds are far from delusional. Sufferers find it difficult to maintain a normal lifestyle when their skin constantly feels like it is crawling and itching and there appears to be no relief or remedy to provide them respite.

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Smokey Mountains…


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